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This Week's Special on Phone or Skype Readings!


Personal phone reading

These readings will take place on Skype or by phone, directly with me.   You can ask as many questions as you'd like & have numerous topics.   During this time, I will be connecting directly with your Angels to relay their messages to you.

These reading sessions can be scheduled Monday thru Friday, from 11 am until 7 pm CST.

60 minute personal phone reading & distant healing session $120


Everyone asks this question from time to time - 

we ALL want to know the answer!

This reading will help you determine exactly what it is that you came here to experience here on Planet Earth.  

Did you also know that our Divine Purpose can change as we progress on our Spiritual Path?  It can & it DOES - that's all part of awakening!  So what was right for you a few years ago might not be right for you with all these upcoming energy shifts in September.

We will also address some of the Angels & Guides that you are working with to achieve this Divine Purpose & helping you to progress on your Spiritual Path to Ascension.

This reading will be delivered to you via email & is offered at an introductory price of $44.

OR, you can schedule a personal one-on-one reading for $120.

Either way, you will be most enlightened by this information from me, Archangel Michael, & The 5th Element.


Email Reading $44


Phone Reading $120

Schedule & pay here!


Meet Your Guidance Team Reading

Everyone wants to know who their Angels and Guides are, so now you can discover who they are!

For this reading, I connect with my Angels and Guides to discover who your primary ones are, to help you with many aspects of your life. During this session, we will let you know who your Archangels are, as well as your Guardian Angels, and the Ascended Masters who are assisting you throughout this life.

This reading will help you get in touch with who is guiding you at this time, and more direction about what you are here to do!

This reading will be delivered by email only usually within 2-3 days of your request.