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Instant Video Courses

The Magic of Crystals


Crystals 101 - An Introduction

Crystals - Create a Rock Star life with earth energy
1) Seriously - How is a rock going to change my world?
2) HooDoo vs Science?
3) What crystals really can do for you.
4) How to effectively work with crystals.

Mastering Meditation


What Meditation Techniques are Best for You?

1)  What are the benefits of meditation?
2)  I can't sit still this long!
3)  Fool-proof techniques for meditation.
4)  Embracing this new aspect of your Spiritual Life.

Crystal Healing


Advanced Crystal Healing, Grids, 

Elixers & More


Tuning In to Your Intuition


Learn how to use ALL of your abilities & develop more!

Psychic Development - You CAN do this, too!
1)  We all have the gift - it's time to unwrap it!
2)  All of the Claires & how to work with yours
3)  Trust, trust, trust!
4)  Practice, practice, practice!

Manifesting the Life You Desire


Manifesting the Life You Deserve - Steps to achieving your dreams

1) Learn what makes your heart sing
2) What do you really want in life?
3) Steps to achieving your dreams
4) Setting goals & achieving them!


Angelic Connections


Spiritual Connections - Get in touch with your Angels & Guides

1)  All about Meditation
2)  Let's have an Angel meet & greet!
3)  Guides to help when you need it the most
4)  Staying connected in a crazy world


Are You My Soulmate?


Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Toxic Bomb?

1) Let's define our relationships
2) What to expect from a REAL relationship
3) Letting go with grace & ease - friends, family or partner
4) Preparing yourself for the next GREAT relationship

Psychic Protection Mini-Course

Psychic Protection - Do I really need this?

1)  Who needs psychic protection & why
2)  Is everyone out to get me?
3)  Techniques for personal protection
4)  How to protect the rest of your world

Raising Your Vibrations!


What does this even mean?

1)  What are vibrations & why is this important?
2)  Benefits of raising your vibrations.
3)  Techniques guaranteed to raise your vibrations instantly.
4)  What to do with the NEW & IMPROVED you!