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Books by Teri Van Horn

The Mystery of Crystals Book

The Mystery of Crystals

The Mystery of Crystals takes up where The Magic of Crystals leaves off. In this book, we explore the power of crystals based on the new waves of energy that washed over the earth during the 2012 transformation, in addition to the great power crystals from Atlantis and Lemuria.

We're introducing many of the Power Crystals – those who hold the highest vibrational patterns known at this time, while learning about their properties and how to work with them effectively.

No book on power crystals would be complete without discussing the mysterious crystal skulls. We introduce the legends and lore of the thirteen skulls. In this section, we will not only discuss many of the skulls that are believed to be ancients, but will discuss my own personal experiences with ancient and contemporary skulls that I've had the pleasure

We also explain about working with ancient skulls and ceremonial artifacts that were discovered in China in the 1940's, believed to be over 5,000 years old.

The Mystery of Crystals is a ground-breaking book introducing you to some of the most powerful crystals on the planet at this time, as well as ways to work with them to help improve your life and reach new heights spiritually.

The Magic of Crystals Book

The Magic of Crystals

Crystals, gemstones and stones have been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Early man used these stones as a tool, and as he progressed, his uses for stones and crystals became more sophisticated, using crystals as amulets and talismans. Early man may not have understood science, but he soon learned that crystals had a life of their own and that there were ways that they could help better our lives. Humanity used crystals for meditation and healing, but didn't know how they worked - they believed that it was simply magic. As our culture has advanced and technology improved, we are now able to discover how and why crystals do all the wonderful, miraculous things that they are capable of. In The Magic of Crystals, we explore how crystals, gemstones and minerals work for us, and how best to work with them to achieve the results we desire. We discuss their forms, shapes and the metaphysical properties that make them the unique tool that has been used for 1,000's of years. We learn how to use them for healing, creating grids, defining and clearing Sacred Space, along with identifying stones for healing, prosperity and abundance. We also learn about which stones are best for contact with our Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides; and meditation practices with crystals. The Magic of Crystals is an excellent guide for those who are beginners learning about what crystals have to offer us, to those who have been working with them for years. Forward by Best Selling Author, Alijandra

365 Days of Blessings Book

365 Days of Blessings

The art of giving and receiving blessings is one as old as time, beginning with the Creation and God blessing all the living creatures.

Throughout history, people went to their religious leaders to receive blessings, but we have learned that this is no longer necessary.

A Blessing is not a technique we perform, but a presence we embody. It’s a relationship we form that enables us to embrace another person and their spirit with our own. The blessings in this book are a gift from the Divine. These are uplifting, guiding messages – in an effort to assist with anything that we might be facing at a particular time.

Manifesting the Life You Desire Book

Manifesting the Life You Desire

This is a  great little "how-to" guide to creating a beautiful, positive and prosperous life, through positive affirmations, quotes and practical advice for living a beautiful life!

Harness the Power of the Light Book

Harness the Power of the Light

Psychic Protection has become a necessity over the past few years as more people become interested in metaphysics, as well as the occult. With information online covering every topic - including curses, spells and witchcraft, we are in need of a little extra support in keeping our bodies, auras and spaces clean and clear of negative energies and entities.

Want to learn more about protecting yourself and your home from negative energies and psychic vampires?  We've got answers!

The Complete Chakras Book


Written knowledge of the chakra system goes back as far as 2,000 BC and can be found in the ancient text, the Vedas, as well as the Yoga Sutras. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “vortex”.

When discussing the chakras, most people refer to the seven main energy centers that make-up the body beginning with the root chakra at the base of the spine and working their way up to the crown at the top of the head. However, it is known that we have many, more minor chakras, as well as the more advanced Spiritual Chakras.

Not much has been written about the Spiritual Chakras, as they are just coming into humanity's awareness. The Spiritual Chakras assist one in becoming one with the Universe and are our guides as we transform into Ascension.

Now is the time for us to become aware of these advanced systems and reaping the rewards of working with their beautiful, loving and peaceful energies, all while enhancing our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.