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Special quote by Buddah

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and healing songs there is, "Om Mani Padme Hum".  

I use this song all the time in distant healing sessions, as well as intuitive readings. 



Good afternoon Angels,

We've all heard this child's rhyme and probably said it a million times.  It's a lovely concept... everything that happens beginning in March culminates in creating some beautiful flowers for the month of May.  How perfect!

In thinking about this month's message, this little nursery rhyme was the first thing that popped into my mind.  As we know, there are no such things as coincidences and my receiving this as a message is absolutely PERFECT for this month's message.  Why?  Because it perfectly describes the past few months of my life:

March Winds - For me, March hit like a hurricane!  Two major things occur during March, both of which take up a tremendous amount of my time:  1)  The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo begins the last week of February and runs through March.  During the run of the the world's largest rodeo, I volunteer on a committee that helps educate children about the importance of farming and ranching.  I have volunteered with this organization for many years and it's always a joy to work with the kids.  2)  The Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival begins the first weekend of March and runs through the end of April.  This is the group that I do weddings and special events for.  It's not unusual for me to hold 15-18 weddings in an 8-week period... needless to say, during this time, I'm insanely busy every weekend.  

In addition to these two 'standing appointments', I also received a call from my daughter that my oldest grandson (age 3) contracted the flu and that she needed help to take care of him, while she cared for the 2-month old.  Naturally, I dropped everything and flew to Colorado for almost a week, to help with the kids.  She was also in the process of taking finals for the semester (for nursing school) and her husband was also in a special officers training program as an Air Force medical professional.  Things were crazy - but the greatest blessing was that no one in the household got sick.  On the other hand, I came home with a horrible bronchial infection and was deathly ill for two weeks!  The best part was that I didn't miss any of my obligations, in spite of the fact that I didn't have a voice for over a week after I came home from helping with the kids.

April Showers - April kicked-off with another quick trip back to Colorado to celebrate the oldest grandson's 4th birthday.  It was wonderful and the basic toddler craziness that goes with birthday weekends.  Fortunately, I had just gotten over my illness, so I could safely go back without spreading anything to the kids.  While I was with the kids in Colorado, my equine best friend, a magnificent gray Arabian named Stroker, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Stroker was 30 years old and had been with me for 20 years.  His was the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered on this planet.  He was highly perceptive and he was there for me during some really, really bad times, but a snuggle and nuzzle from him would take all my cares away.  Losing Stroker was a blow, not only for the loss, but because I was so far away and couldn't be there with him for his last moments.  I really felt that I let him down during the time that he needed me the most and to be honest, I still shed tears every day over this feeling of guilt.  I was with him in spirit when he passed, but it's not the same as not being able to physically be there to hold him and tell him how much he meant and still means to me.  Logically, I know we were intimately connected during that time, but emotionally, my human side kicks in and makes me really sad.

On top of losing Stroker on April 5th, two weeks later, on April 20th, I had to say goodbye to the very best canine friend I have ever had.  His name is Raphael and he was born here 10 years ago.  Roffy was born unable to use his front legs - I suspect that this was so that I would keep him out of that litter - it worked.  I spent months teaching him how to walk and he had an amazing life here with me.  He was my shadow... you rarely saw me without him either in the house or on the property.  Roffy and I had a very special bond and although for the past year he's had continuing problems with disc degeneration and losing the strength in his legs, every evening he still had to go outside and 'supervise' feeding the horses.  If a horse didn't do what was expected, he would bark up a storm... from the yard.   He also 'raised' my wolfhounds, teaching them the ropes around the farm and making sure that they did exactly what they were supposed to do.  He was hilarious... if they didn't mind, this silly crippled dog would literally fly across the yard and lay into them... even after they were 3 times his size and double his weight.  Raphael was also very special in that he worked with me as a therapy dog, helping adults with mental and physical disabilities.  This was where he really shined, because he could reach these people in ways that no one else could.  Roffy will always hold a very special piece of my heart, because his heart was so very big.

The last part of the April Showers (of tears) was the last week of the month, when I made a rather difficult decision.  This was something that I had been pondering and praying about for several months, but finally came to the decision last week:  it is time for me to pass the torch of Healing Light to someone who is amazing, talented and one of the most inspirational people I know, Radleigh Valentine.  There really aren't sufficient words to describe Rad (in my opinion).  He is a Hay House author and has traveled all over the world speaking about working with the Angels.  He has several new projects in the works and is truly gifted; he has created several decks of Angel oracle cards and just released a magnificent book called How to Be Your Own Genie.  (I LOVE this book!)  Rad is the 'real deal'... he connects with God and the Angels, sharing such beautiful and life affirming messages.  I KNOW you're all going to absolutely adore him as much as I do.   So Rad and I are going to make a slow transition from Healing Light being my page, to it becoming his page.  Honestly... I am VERY excited about this change and I KNOW that Rad has a magnificent and Divine message that he needs to share with the entire world.  This is one way that this can be accomplished and once we talked and I finally made-up my mind to actually do this... I felt a HUGE sense of peace.  This is going to be great for the world as a whole and I'm looking forward to watching it progress!

May Flowers - So this is where I am... anticipating the flowers to burst forth from the previous months trials.  I will continue to have the Empowering the Empath group page on FB (Empowering the Empath) and will be working with those who are truly interested in making the most of their abilities and being an empath.  I will still provide readings and healing sessions, but will be making some adjustments and changes to this over the coming months, so that I can really focus on actually empowering empaths.  The other part of my 'flowers' is that I'm going to be redirecting much of my time and energy, since I won't be spending nearly as much time on the computer.  I'm going to start walking, try some really beginner yoga, and spend at least 5 hours each week writing.  I've got 4 books in progress... it's past time that they get finished!  

I'm still going to be around, as I know that I still have a mission to fulfill here on earth.  For a while, I felt like I had failed in some way, but a friend made me realize that just because we were successful at something for a while, doesn't mean that we're supposed to be doing that one thing forever.  We do it... we accomplish God's goals... then we move on to the next project.  That's where I am today, waiting for Spirit to place me on that next path, so I can get going again.  I released something major so that I could have enough time and energy to work on something new, and I can't wait to learn what the next project is going to be.  As soon as I find out... I'll let you know!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers... I wish much joy and happiness for each and every one of you.



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