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August is Jam-Packed with Important Astrological Events!

Sunday, August 7th is the Aquarius Full Moon, with a partial Lunar Eclipse.  This one is going to be amazing because

In addition to this amazing Lunar Eclipse, we are also going to experience the largest meteor shower we've ever seen on August 12th, followed on the 13th by Mercury going into retrograde!  This retrograde season is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Wrapping-up this incredible month of energies, changes and shifts, will be the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo on August 21st!  Holy crap, right?

Eclipses are known for their ability to move us forward quickly. An eclipse insists that we make the changes we have been resisting or slow to make.  Most people don't care for change because there is that unknown quality to it, and because of that many of us tend to stay in a bad situation then make a change that leads to the unknown and all those unanswered questions. A lot of people live in fear of this. But the eclipses push us forward, poking and prodding us to take much needed steps to move us forward. Eclipses can feel unstable sometimes because we are so slow to make changes on our own.

These particular eclipses will be extremely powerful in that they will help increase and accelerate those energies that begin with the August 8th Lion's Gate Portal, along with the initial Lunar Eclipse of August 7th.  This eclipse will help us become more stable in our new 5D bodies - adjusting to the energies, letting-go of the physical discomforts that were initiated by these events, and allowing us to really become seated in this new, crystalline body.

This is also a time for ALL healers to step-up so that they can assist with healing the planet of all the hostilities that have arisen.  This is when we have to get down 'into the trenches' to work alongside those who are of the darkness, to help bring them to the light.  This isn't a time for those who are weak in Spirit, because it is a time when we must give our all!  This is the ultimate energy of good vs. evil - dark vs. light - of establishing and enforcing clear boundaries, in order for us to hold our Light and keep it as bright as possible.

Because of the power and intensity of this combination of  eclipses, the meteor shower, and retrograde, things will be shaken-up, but we will be able to manifest almost 'out of thin air' - so be careful about your thoughts and your words.  This is a most powerful time for all and those of the Light must consciously work to bring even more Light to the planet.  This can also be a time to fall into negativity and self-criticism.  DON'T allow this to happen to you!  Fight the good fight with positive affirmations, declarations, and invocations.  

This really is a most powerful time and we want to share our insights with YOU, so that we can help you get through this potential land mine of energies that we'll be traversing!

An Eclipse period is an excellent time to have a private session, so that you can use these energies to make some significant and positive changes in your life.

Because I feel that this is so important...
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