The Power of Manifestation
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The Power of Manifestation

We all hear, read & talk about manifesting what we want - but do we really practice what we preach?  Quite often we'll try to be positive about a situation, but when the going gets tough, that flies out the window & we forget to do the one thing that's required to have the outcome we desire.
The past few weeks for me have been a perfect example.  In January my daughter informed me that she's getting married to someone she met in Germany.  AND... they want to get married this Spring!
OMG!!!  My only child wants to marry someone I've never even exchanged an email with... much less met or talked to!!!  Not to mention that she wants to get married during the busiest time of the year for our area - when people from all over come out for weddings & sight-seeing.  Acquiring a location, vendors & rooms would be next to impossible.
I envisioned the perfect place for her wedding... but discovered that it was booked solid for the next several weeks.  (as was every other place I looked)  Vendors - people I've worked with for years - were unavailable on the day they chose.  (backups & their back-ups were also booked) This went from being an exciting time to a complete nightmare!
Of course, the overriding problem was finances.  Even small weddings cost 5-digits... you just can't get around that fact & we had 4-6 weeks to come up with a very significant amount of money.  Things were not looking good at all & I was already being stressed-out.
BTW - I've been a certified bridal consultant for 23 years & have done 100's of weddings.  I'm a professional - an expert at wedding planning - so this should have been a breeze for me to put together.
I held onto my vision of the perfect wedding for her right up until she brought her fiancee home to meet us this week. 
Like magic, the money for the wedding appeared (thanks to the generosity of someone dear to me), the 'perfect' location opened-up, as well as all the vendors we wanted!
We are now 90% done with planning & it's all coming together beautifully!  Thanks to God, the Angels, (& my cousin), this wedding will be gorgeous & perfect!  I never gave up on my original concept & the Universe helped make it possible for us.
So DON'T GIVE UP when you want something!!!  Keep the vision of what you desire, stay positive & ask God & the Angels for "this or something better".  You'll be amazed at the wonderful things that will happen.

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Meditation Audio on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 5:48 AM
Manifestation is an extremely powerful technique for manifesting your desires. And it is one of the types of meditation that many people used. And for me, manifestation is like faith. Why? It’s because in faith, you believe, and you hold on and you never doubt that it will happen to you all the things that you desire and the same way in manifestation, you believe and you hold on, and you never give up about the things that you want to happen, that your desire for the wedding of your daughter.
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