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2011 - 04 April


Many of us grew up watching classics like "Leave It To Beaver", "My Three Sons", "Donna Reed", "Ozzie & Harriet", "Father Knows Best", "Gidget"... you know, the ones with the perfect, loving families.
Unfortunately, very few of us actually LIVED in families that were that perfect... most were dysfunctional in some way or another & people often were hurt physically, psychologically or both.
Not every family is loving & supportive.


Things have been really busy & constantly changing since my last post!  There have been changes in my job, in my personal life & in my spiritual life... it's been a whirlwind to say the least!  So, I'll bring you up to date on exactly what has been happening in my world:
The job...  I injured my lower back in February & have been working towards getting myself into shape so that I can get back to work. I've been a little ambilivant about this, do I want to go back to the institution - or do I want to branch-out pursuing reiki & healing?