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What Would YOU Do?

Today my husband asked me a question that I didn't have the answer to!  We were talking about the many things that I do:  I volunteer with several organizations, have an (unrewarding, but paying) job, work with adults with special needs, coordinate weddings, do reiki & intuitional readings... the list goes on & on, in addition to being a wife, mother, horse mom & friend.  (Those roles I will never relinquish!)
His question was simple - but profound: 

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Sometimes, no matter what you've done with your life, how good a person you've been, a great friend, wonderful spouse, fantastic parent... sometimes bad things just happen.
For some reason, we have the belief that if we do 'good' things, then only good things should happen to us... but that rarely happens.
When something devastating happens to someone, we either say 'he had it coming' or 'how could something so awful happen to such a wonderful person?'  In our struggle to try to understand things, we always have to have an answer - a cause and effect - to everything that happens.

Every Day Spirituality

Welcome to our very first blog!  In this section, I'll be writing about every day spirituality - you know, seeing God in the little things... that's what spirituality really is.  It's not about some grandiose acts... not about miracles... and it's not about placing yourself & your ideas on a pedestal.
Spirituality is finding that little spark in the Divine in every one you meet.  It's about improving the lives of those you meet - even if it's nothing more than sharing a smile.