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Medical Intuitive & Healing Session


In this healing session, we will work with your Angels and Guides to help determine what your physical difficulties are.  This session has now been updated and expanded to connect with even more areas of your physical and spiritual bodies - to be able to more clearly identify specific problems, as well as potential problems.

We will intitally scan your body to discover any specific areas where there are areas of energetic blockages or dis-ease.  Once this is determined, we will discover if this is an ailment from your current life or lifestyle, as opposed to being a remenent of a previous life time.  Once this is complete, we will then provide a healing session to help aleviate the problem and to balance and restore your body to it's ultimate health. 

This is not to be considered a trained medical diagnosis and we strongly encourage anyone who is having difficulties to contact their physician immediately.  This session is to work WITH traditional medicine.  Also, please note that we do not guarantee that we will be able to completely heal your problem.  Oftentimes, it's taken many years to become ill and it'll take numerous sessions to correct the problem.  This is not a one-shot-fix-it-all-session. 

This session will take approximately 120 minutes and you will receive a very detailed report once it is complete.

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