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Special quote by Buddah

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and healing songs there is, "Om Mani Padme Hum".  

I use this song all the time in distant healing sessions, as well as intuitive readings. 


Welcome Summer!

I cannot believe that it is already June 1st - the beginning of summer! 

Where has this year gone?  Honestly, I've been running around like a wild woman since the beginning of the year, so the time has really flown for me.  For such a long time, I was stuck.  No ideas, no inspiration, just waiting & not very patiently either.  I didn't know why things were stuck & those who I confided in kept telling me that I was in a "Spiritual Time-Out" getting ready for the time when things would start flowing & going strong again.  Silly me... although I trusted these people completely... I just couldn't see it happening, but it HAS!  The ideas & inspiration have been flowing like crazy & I can't get them all going fast enough.  I've got so much to learn on a technical level... that part is making me crazy!

Of course, I know that everything happens with Divine Timing, but I never expected this rush!  So... what am I doing with all my spare time?  Let me share some of this with you!

~ I am doing live sessions & readings on Healing Light at least once each week.  This has added a LOT to my workload, because so many people are asking for these readings.  I do the best that I can, but am only able to provide info for about 150-200 people each time.  I wish I could get more done, but it is so time-consuming & draining, that I have to stop after a while, so that I can take care of business & work around here.  I am also uploading many of these videos to You Tube, so you'll be able to check them out later.

~ I have created a new private Facebook group, called Empowering the Empath.  This group is all about helping those who are empaths have a safe space to gather & support each other.  I launched this group 3 weeks ago & we already have almost 1,400 members.  Not too bad for not advertising this!  I am very happy with how much everyone is supporting each other in this group - it's amazing!  If you haven't joined, the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/EmpoweringTheEmpath/

~ Along with the Empowering the Empath group page, I have also created an amazing 12 week program, Thriving as an Empath - Your Personal Owner's Manual, to really help you get those empathic abilities in hand, to build on your intuitive abilities, to learn about how to deal with narcissists, sections on setting boundaries, getting rid of self-sabotage, psychic protection, working with your Angels & Guides, becoming your authentic self, & manifesting the life you most desire.  This comprehensive course consists of 12 hours of video instruction, tips & guidance, plus 12 hours of one-on-one coaching with me, two healing sessions, reference materials, & unlimited email access.  This is a life-changer & I am so happy to be able to offer it to help others really take advantage & to THRIVE as an empath.  You can learn more about the course at Empowering the Empath.

~ In creating the Thriving as an Empath course, I discovered another really HUGE need out there... supporting women who are involved with narcissists.  Most people just say, "Walk away!" or "RUN!" but it's often not that easy.  Sometimes we are in a position where we can't leave that person.  Maybe it's a parent, a child, spouse, or an employer.  There are many different scenarios & not all of them are quite so easy or cut & dried.  That's where this course comes in.  This is a 6 week course educating you about narcissists, how they work & how to get around their behavior & lies.  Yes, you can THRIVE & still be around one - they do not have to steal your joy!  Now we all know that narcissists are destructive personalities who very rarely, if ever get help for their problems.  They are verbal & emotional abusers & that is 100% wrong.  I am NOT saying that it's ok to stay with one & to accept that abuse!  Absolutely not!  We all have to understand that this isn't an easy situation for anyone to be in.  This course will help you get through the process, so that you never have to become entrapped by this personality type again!  I am here to teach you (from my own experience) about Surviving the Narcissist & Coming Back EMPOWERED!  There will be more online about this course, which will model the other one, but will be held for only six weeks.  Check back at Empowering the Empath later for more info.

~ As much as I enjoy working & attending metaphysical fairs & events, I haven't been able to do this much this year.  I would LOVE to be able to attend events in Arkansas, Denver or any other wonderful place, during the second half of this year.  In addition to this, I would truly LOVE to begin scheduling speaking engagements throughout the country.  This is one of my goals for 2018, but I'm ready to get started manifesting it right now.  If you hear of any great opportunities... please let me know, because I LOVE the energy of working with people in person.

~ Last & certainly not least are the books.  When once the creativity was drained... now it's overflowing & I have partial books or outlines for subjects such as Lemuria, Angels & Guides, books on each of these courses, my memoirs, Healing with Crystals & Energy, & so much more!

~ Of course, there's the ever-present daily routine at home on the farm with all the animals.  I am so blessed to be partnered with each of these precious souls that share my home.  Each one brings something special to my life & teaches me something new each & every day.  Along with them, naturally comes the upkeep & when I can... repairs & maintenance.  It's quite a job sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

There are times now when I've thought about how nice it would be to have a clone to help out with all the projects.  But then I think about the fact that I wouldn't want to miss a minute of this beautiful chaos. 

I'm glad I had my Spiritual Time-Out.  It was frustrating, but it gave me opportunities to get healthier & to start building-up the energies that were needed for this time of explosive ideas & opportunities.  Like all of us, at the time I was frustrated & didn't understand... I felt like I was being punished, because I was working hard, but things weren't happening.  Then I turned it all over & let it go... and the flood gates opened.  There is always a bigger & better plan for us... it's just that sometimes we're too busy thinking we need to keep our head above water, struggling all the time... when all we need to do is relax & just float.  Once we do that... miracles happen!




  OMG!  I'm on You Tube now!!!

A technical guru, I am not!  But... I'm beginning to master the live online live feeds & putting them on You Tube for you to access later.  I'm also working towards linking many of my previous radio programs to You Tube, so that you can listen to them there, as well.  Please be patient... I'm in a HUGE learning curve, but wanted to share these messages & readings with as many people as possible.  I will be going live on the Facebook page 1-2 times each week to share information & to give readings to those who are listening.  

So please subscribe to my page.  It's in it's infancy, but soon, we'll have a LOT of information on there for you!  You can find it HERE!

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