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Enjoy one of the most beautiful and healing songs there is, "Om Mani Padme Hum".  

I use this song all the time in distant healing sessions, as well as intuitive readings. 

The Journey of a Tree

Let me begin by stating that I believe that all living things have a Soul and a Divine Purpose.  Whether it is a person, plant, animal, or mineral - it is created of living energy.  Therefore, everything is energy, everything is love, everything has a Divine Purpose, and we are all connected as ONE.

Now this belief can create some challenges in my world.  Yes, I adopt stray animals who are dropped-off at my home, I've adopted and cherished horses, although they might not be suitable for riding.  I feel this way about people, too!  I try to see the Divine within each one rather than judging them immediately on their appearance (although their actions are often a different story).  I'm far from perfect - let me just say that - but I really do try to live from the heart and acknowledge the Divine Force within everything here in the Universe.

That brings me to my tree.  This enormous, beautiful, Divine Tree that has been in my front yard for (some say) about 300 years.  It's a pecan tree, that was formed from what appears to be three separate trees, created into one.  It is so large that it takes four people with outstretched arms to barely reach around it.  This tree is sooooo amazing, that it's the primary reason why my husband and I purchased this property to be our home for the remainder of our lives and to share with friends and family.  In fact, this tree has been so important to us, that although we wanted to demolish and rebuild our home - we wouldn't consider it, because it might have damaged this tree.  So we lived in a home that neither of us really liked, in order to save this tree!

This tree was home to birds and squirrels, napping dogs and occasionally a horse who might need a good scratch.  It covered our entire yard - and provided approximately 40 gallons of pecans every year, that we mostly saved for the squirrels and crows who used to compete with each other trying to get them all.  Every day when I sat at my desk, doing readings, healing sessions, writing inspirational messages, blogs, journals or books... that tree was in my view. 

But all of this isn't entirely what this precious tree is about.  It has really been so much more for me in the past 12 years.  That is why I want to share the journey of this tree with you.

About 12 years ago I was extremely ill.  I had Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr, Common Variable Immunodeficiency, severe migraines, and yes... depression.  At that time, I was struggling to keep things going, including a full-time job, and although the doctors and a myriad of drugs were helping a little, the constant pain and exhaustion was debilitating.  During that time, through a massage therapist I saw, I was introduced to someone who performed energy healing.  I began seeing this man and he eventually became a teacher. 

During a healing/teaching session one day, we discussed guides and I told him that I had never seen mine or connected with them.  So, he took me into a meditation to meet my guide.  It was beautiful, relaxing and healing.  All of a sudden, I saw a vision of my favorite horse under this magnificent tree, looking at me in the most unconditional loving way.  Was this my guide?  I immediately came out of the meditation, because this was such a shock - my horse was actually still alive!  I asked my teacher about this vision and he also had difficulty understanding what I had seen.  But, I went with it and asked for clarity, which honestly I didn't receive.

One year later, I was much healthier, had learned how to heal myself and was more than ready to leave the city where I had been born.  Houston is a great place - but I had horses and always wanted to move into the serenity of the countryside to live with 'my babies', and to experience the peace that I had known as a child during the summer with friends. 

We knew the general area we wanted to look in and searched and searched for the perfect place.  We found it and after we put an offer on our dream home - the seller decided to take it off the market!  I was so disheartened that I decided to stop looking, but one day our realtor called and implored me to look at this one place.  It wasn't what we originally wanted, but once we saw the tree and the beautiful views, along with feeling the most incredible energy of the land, we reached a compromise on what we wanted and bought the property.

 About two years into living at our new home, one day I had that favorite horse in the yard and he was napping under the tree.  At that moment, my previous vision appeared to me - this WAS the tree and my horse was standing under it, exactly as I had seen years before!  Yes, I nearly fainted at the realization of this and couldn't comprehend the significance of this in our lives. 

Over the years, things have happened involving this tree.  One evening there was an enormous crash on our roof.  The weather was calm and my husband and I ran outside to see if a limb had broken.  Nothing had changed, yet this 'crash' was powerful enough to have shaken the entire house.  Later, through the assistance of friends, we were told that this was the arrival of a new Guide and that he wanted to make an entrance, so he used the guise of a large limb crashing onto the house (which didn't actually happen - only the sound), to get my attention. 

There was another time during a severe drought that my husband and I were performing a healing session on the tree.  It was early evening and we both had our eyes closed.  Suddenly I opened mine and discovered a very large snake coming up from the center of this tree.  Being a non-snake person, this terrified me and we immediately backed away, getting flashlights to see what was happening, but the snake had disappeared.  I always believed that we had removed something very negative from both the tree and the land during that session. 

Two years ago, August 2013, I was in the house and heard a tremendous explosion.  The house shook and I ran outside to see what had happened.  We discovered that 1/3 of this amazing tree had split and fallen on the house... right where my office is.  Believe it or not... there was almost no damage to the home, but a large portion of this tree was gone.  What remained looked like the Tree of Life, so although I was extremely sad about this, we harvested the wood and had it made into slabs and boards for future use.  This tree was not going to be burned or wasted - it would become part of the home renovation (to come later).

Yesterday, a horrific storm blew through our area, while I was in Denver, and destroyed the remainder of this spectacular tree.  As I looked at the images my husband had sent me, tears flowed for the loss of this great friend and teacher.  There was more damage to our property, but my husband, the animals and the house were safe.  Horse sheds and fences were destroyed - but everyone was safe, except for my very special friend.

I always felt this tree deep into my soul... it was a part of me although we had only lived together for 10 years.  Every time I walked past her, I thanked her for being with us and appreciated her magnificence.  (I really did this every day!)  It may sound silly, considering the state of the world right now, but I am mourning the loss of this tree like a family member. 

From the time I was informed about this tragedy, I had 10 hours until I would be home.  The first two were admittedly, filled with lots of tears.  Once I got on the plane, I had composed myself and began to read one of the many books that I had bought over the weekend.  (Side Note:  These conferences are amazing, but sometimes overwhelming with all the information I receive, so I buy companion books of those who have touched me the most, to read later.)  On the flight home, I was reading one of Kyle Gray's books and having epiphany after epiphany.  This was my break-though moment!  The two-hour drive home from the airport just continued the revelations and suddenly, I felt as though this tree was symbolizing my epic breakthrough.  It was as though it was so momentous that it literally split the tree and pulled it from it's roots, right out of the ground.  This has created a very large and deep hole, to be refilled with love, light and beautiful flowers.  The actuality is that this tree had a disease deep in it's center that we weren't aware of and it couldn't have been saved in it's present state.  Kind of like me... 

We are both being re-purposed.  We are both changing into a new form... for new tasks.  We are both beginning a new life in a different way, with different energy, to continue on... stronger than ever.  This tree, who was a continual source of inspiration and joy, is no longer blocking part of the view outside of my window.  I am now about to see the complete horizon in front of me.  Where will we journey together?  I really don't know!  But you can be assured that I will have a large section of this tree cut to create a stool for me to place under my backyard 'fairy tree', where I can sit and meditate on the many miracles and journeys to come.

Thank you, my friend, for your love, protection, insight, ageless wisdom, and guidance through the years... I will cherish you always!

Blessings, Teri
Stroker receiving a neck rub from the tree.        This really is where it broke - at the cross!          The aftermath of yesterday's storm.

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