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Special quote by Buddah

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and healing songs there is, "Om Mani Padme Hum".  

I use this song all the time in distant healing sessions, as well as intuitive readings. 


Full Moon Readings

Connecting with our Angels and Guides for a Full Moon helps bring plans and projects to fruition and reveal what is coming next.

The full moon is a perfect time for manifesting goals, nurturing, passion, strength, power, protection, job hunting, healing serious conditions. Also love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams, artistic endeavors, beauty, health, and fitness, change and decisions, children, competition, dreams, families, health and healing, knowledge, legal undertakings, love and romance, money, motivation, and self-improvement.

This 30 minute reading will guide you as to which direction you need to focus on at this particular time.  It will consist of an email with the card meanings, along with an mp3 of the intuitive interpretation for you that will be completed and returned to you when the full moon has reached it's peak.

Perfectly Powerful!

We all have times that we're a little more than weak - where we could certainly use some assistance along the way.  This was our inspiration to create the Perfectly Powerful healing sessions.

These sessions are a combination of the following:

  • Perfect Weight Healing
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Balancing the Male-Female Meditation
  • Energetic Balancing
  • Forgiveness Healing
  • Self Love & Acceptance Healing

These six sessions are truly POWERFUL!  With them, you will begin to release those blockages that have been holding you back.  You'll be able to grow in self-esteem and confidence, while working to create and maintain your perfect weight.  You'll start to balance those all-important male and female qualities and balance your energies to keep them all stable.  Last and certainly not least, we have the Forgiveness Healing session, along with the Self Love and Acceptance healing session.

If purchased separately, these sessions would be more than $550 - but for the next couple weeks, we're going to share them with you for only $300 for the entire package!

You will receive the five healing sessions over a period of 10 days (thru Distant Healing), in addition to a recorded meditation.  This will truly be the beginning of a new and powerful life change for you.


Although we are told that we are perfect and Divine Children of God... we don't necessarily see that when we look in the mirror.  We see someone who really needs to get in better physical shape and who needs to find their perfect weight and stay there.  The health benefits for this are incredible!

Many of us have weight issues, for a myriad of reasons: genetics, dis-eases or conditions, lack of exercise, depression, self-esteem... the list could go on forever.

This Perfect Weight healing session won't turn you into a size 6 overnight... but what it will do is help to heal the self-esteem, the dis-eases, and the metabolism issues that can be causing weight gain.  In providing this session for you, we will help hold the space, so that you can follow through with your goals and plans.  We will support you as you go through this challenging process, helping you to heal and your metabolism to increase ever so slightly, so that you can begin to lose weight easier.

This session is very productive and helpful, but it is not a magic bullet or a miracle cure.  It is designed to help support you, as you go through the process yourself.

This Distant Healing session lasts approximately one hour and will be held while you are resting or asleep.  We will send you a report of the session the next day.

In August I'll be back at the Austin Holistic and Wellness Fair!

Come see me at the Marchesa Hall on August 1st & 2nd for healing sessions & lectures on The Joys of the Lemurians!

Find out more here!

The Marchesa Hall
6406 N. IH35, Suite 3100
Austin, Texas 78752
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May Programs

We are now back to our original format - more information from me & a LOT more readings for YOU!

May 7th - Healing Light Radio Network

With love, from your tree &
info about Mercury Retrograde

9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm MST, 6 pm PST

May 14th - Healing Light Radio Network

New Beginnings!

9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm MST, 6 pm PST

May 21st - Healing Light Radio Network

Restoring Life!

9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm MST, 6 pm PST

May 28th - Healing Light Radio Network

Faith in low places

9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm MST, 6 pm PST

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