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Special quote by Buddah

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and healing songs there is, "Om Mani Padme Hum".  

I use this song all the time in distant healing sessions, as well as intuitive readings. 


New Moon ~ New Month!

As we roll into the month of December, we are blessed with another powerful and significant New Moon.  I love new moons!  They bring us new opportunities, a chance to begin again, to correct the errors of the previous month, so that we can continue forward on our journey with new faith, new energy and new momentum!

New Moons are also very important when it comes to manifestation.  Those things that you want to bring into your life, can get that extra boost when you focus on them during this time.  This is why we must also be careful when it's a New Moon, because if we are down or depressed, the moon's energy can possibly amplify that, as well, and that's not necessarily a good thing!  So keep your focus positive, so that you can create the life that you want this coming month!

We're also coming into the month of December.  A time of celebration for all belief systems, as well as gatherings for families and friends, as we celebrate the end of the year and the beginnings of a New Year.  

While most of us are enjoying the season, the lights, the parties, the gatherings with loved ones... we need to remember our less-fortunate acquaintances.  This not only includes those who are financially or physically disadvantaged - which it is very important to help and to serve these people.  But there's another group that is always ignored during this time, simply because we're so busy with our festivities that we simply don't think about or realize it.

That's those who don't have anyone to enjoy the season with.  While so many are bustling around and complaining about too many engagements or too many presents to buy, some of us (myself included) would do anything to be in that situation!  For myself, I have a daughter, son-in-law & grandson who live in another state, so I'm not able to spend Christmas with them.  The only other family members that I have, disowned me many years ago because I divorced my ex and they didn't want me to do that.  (He was the 'son' my mother never had, so while she no longer speaks to me, she still sees him - go figure.)  Other relatives are with their own families celebrating the holidays - just as those that I know in our community.  It's difficult being alone at normal times, but it's really torture during the holidays, when you're spending all this time alone.  People in this situation often spend their days looking at Facebook, seeing all the photos of people happily spending time with loved ones - living through their adventures, because they have none of our own.  This is what brings on so much depression and suicide during the holidays.

This message isn't about being a pity party.  I've accepted my lot in life, but always have the hope that some day things will be different.  BUT... I'm not the only person out there who doesn't have anyone.  There are millions of us all over the world in this same situation.  People who would LOVE to even receive something as simple as a Christmas card or an invite to an event.  Many of us put on a 'happy face' when we're out and about, because we don't want to admit to the aloneness that we feel every minute of every day.  

This is a season of joy and so my point in bringing this up is that we need to look past our own doorstep and help to spread some of this joy to others, who may not have any in their own lives.  This is supposed to be a season of sharing, so it's time for all of us to begin sharing with those around us, so that we can begin bringing more joy, peace, love and happiness into this world.  Who knows... your small gesture of kindness could save a life this season!




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